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Revenue Is The Result Of Relationships with Mike Grinberg – Episode #151

Mike Grinberg is the Founder and CEO of Proofpoint Marketing.

Mike Grinberg is a creative problem solver at heart, who happened to fall into marketing. The core problem Mike sees right now is technology and automation removing the human element from the way we build businesses and how we go-to-market. Mike believes that relationships are still the key to business success, and he’s built his consulting business on people-first principles.

Questions and topics we covered include:

  • What’s wrong with most GTM models today?
  • Mike’s definition of the buyer’s journey as it stands in 2024
  • Defining Relationship-Led Growth
  • How to get this GTM motion started?
  • What’s the core difference of general Sales-led and account-based GTM motions?
  • How relationship-led growth supports other marketing functions.
  • How AI could be incorporated  into Relationship-led GTM
  • How to measure the success of this GTM strategy

And more!

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