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Marketing As An Extension Of R&D and How To “Pass Your Legos” with Melissa Moody – Episode #152

“No one will slap your hand for saying, ‘I want to hear from customers more often.’”

Melissa Moody is a full-stack marketing executive and entrepreneur with a passion for user-first products, and a talent for creating clarity from chaos. Her background includes 14 years in large-partner marketing at Google, taking on her former role as CMO & Cofounder at SaaS startup Gated, and being the host of the “2 Pizza Marketing” Podcast for small-team marketers. She is also the Cofounder of Wednesday Women, which raises visibility for extraordinary women leaders and now the CEO of

Questions and topics we covered include:

  • Lessons in marketing while working at Google
  • The Founder/CMO dynamic
  • The biggest challenge that comes from transitioning from expert IC to 1st-time marketing leader? 
  • Why the marketing team needs to own research and development
  • The value of customer advisory boards (CABs)
  • Challenges of working within small marketing teams
  • What Melissa has learned from hosting her own marketing podcast
  • How to scale a network of advocates for your career growth
  • What’s the biggest challenge marketers are facing in 2024?

And more!

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