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What Marketers Need To Understand About Strategy with Margaret Kelsey (OpenView, Appcues, & InVision) – Episode #142

Margaret has spent the last decade building scalable, effective marketing programs—and teams—for B2B SaaS companies like OpenView, Appcues, and InVision. She now advises founders on how to do the same. She also co-hosts a weekly podcast called “Don’t Say Content” with Devin Bramhall. 

Questions and topics we covered include:

  • Why Margaret took the plunge to become a soloprenuer? 
  • Her recommendations for where to upskill as a marketer
  • The characteristics of high-performing marketing teams? 
  • Why marketing teams need to have fun to thrive. 
  • The importance of knowing the differences between “Shared Language” and Institutional Knowledge…
  • The key questions individual contributors should be asking their bosses to get a better understanding of company strategy…
  • The skills Margaret would be learning this year if she had to start her career now…
  • Why founder-led marketing still works, regardless of company size…
  • How to think about “playbooks”…
  • What are the major pitfalls that arise within the Head of Marketing and CEO relationship?
  • Why is it important to have a focus on longer timelines as you move up the management ladder?
  • Why strategy is supposed to take into account triaging “urgent” tasks…

And more!

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Shoutout to a previous guest of the show, Harry Morton, for sharing this.

Past guests of The People of Digital Marketing include April Dunford, Amanda Goetz, Melissa Rosenthal, Bill Macaitis, Miruna Dragomir, Andrew Capland, Erik Newton, Andy Crestodina, Sarah Bedrick, Michael Wieder, Dan McGaw, Kathleen Booth, Foti Panagiotakopoulos, Tommy Walker, Lea Pica, Maya Grossman, Sara Pion, and more.

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