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How NOT To Become A Checkbox Marketer with George Huff – Episode #141

“Half of marketing is marketing internally so you can get buy-in…and as the org gets bigger, that job gets harder.”

The main theme of this episode focuses on: people, tools, and processes…

George Huff, the CEO of Opal, leads a MarTech platform used by well-known brands like Target, Starbucks, Whole Foods, 3M, and SAP. Opal’s content operations platform produces exceptional results, such as enabling Target to tell their story and create 300 pieces of content every day. George’s career began in design and technology, but his curiosity about how captivating brands create stories led to the formation of Opal. He surrounds himself with talented individuals and empowers them to find the best solutions. Under George’s leadership, Opal continually innovates to help brands drive results and create meaningful connections with their customers.

Questions and topics we covered include:

  • Why is brand alignment so important and the classic struggle with internal silos
  • The context that every marketer needs to have to be successful, in any team they’re in
  • What sets Opal apart from other content management products
  • How does team culture affect the success of a marketing initiative
  • Why being able to handle criticism is the best skill for a marketer to learn
  • The rituals and routines the Opal team does to help keep momentum going
  • Why your manager wants you to be good at selling ideas

And more!

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