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🧮Everything Marketers Need To Know About CDPs with Brian Kotlyar – Episode #148

“People notice something wrong in their business, the root cause is that something is wrong in their business but they start looking for tech as almost like a distraction…buying Martech is a silver bullet for Martech problems but, not business problems.”

Brian Kotlyar is the VP of Marketing and Growth at (a CDP and data activation platform), where he leads the company’s marketing strategy and is responsible for driving growth and customer acquisition.

Prior to his role at Hightouch, Brian held the position of SVP of Marketing at New Relic, where he played a pivotal role in leading the company’s marketing efforts during a period of rapid growth and a successful IPO. He helped triple the growth rate of the company and oversaw numerous product launches and marketing initiatives. He also served as Head of Marketing at Intercom, where he helped the company build a world-class marketing team. Throughout his career, Brian has worked extensively in building and growing multiple B2B startups successfully.

Questions and topics we covered include:

  • Brian’s explanation of consumption pricing and how this concept helped him in his marketing career
  • Is a better Martech stack the secret to fixing a company’s growth problems?
  • What is a CDP and why should marketers care about them? How does this type of tool affect our work?
  • Traditional vs composable CDPs
  • How to justify the purchase of a CDP?
  • What is a data warehouse and how does it differ from a CDP?
  • Why do most data and marketing teams have bad relationships with each other? How do we make these relationships better?

And more!

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