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A Deep Dive Into Quantitative Research with Ben Cortese – Episode #146

Ben previously led the Marketing Sciences Group at KS&R, a nationally recognized strategic consultancy and marketing research firm. Through quantitative research, Ben and his team help to empower businesses to make better decisions with confidence.

With his extensive knowledge of advanced analytical methods and wide-ranging industry experience, he has become a trusted partner for clients looking to solve complex business problems. Outside of work, Ben enjoys quality time with his children in the kitchen, gardening, and playing volleyball when the weather in upstate New York permits.

Questions and topics we covered include:

  • An explanation of marketing science
  • How does market research affect a business’s growth in the long term? Why is it important?
  • Why message testing and optimization are vital to gaining insights
  • How to convince your boss to invest in Message Testing
  • How does a team get started with message testing?
  • At what size of an organization should a team consider message testing?
  • The ideal frequency and cadence of message testing experiments
  • Who owns market research and message testing in the marketing team?
  • What are market simulators, how are they useful, and at what size of a company should they be used?
  • The basics of conjoint analysis in market research.

And more!

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