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Communities Are A Marketing Team’s Secret Weapon with Evan Patterson – Episode #145

“[Community] sits before Demand Gen. in the funnel…[Community] doesn’t actually generate revenue. I create an environment that makes generating revenue easier.”

Evan Patterson is a B2B marketing consultant, freelancer, startup advisor, content creator, and fractional leader for forward-thinking, progressive businesses.  Outside of B2B marketing, Evan focuses on enabling minority voices in tech and fighting injustices targeted at the LGBTQ+ community.

Questions and topics we covered include:

  • Community as a marketing role defined 
  • Some examples of what Community is not?
  • When did this new job get created?
  • What’s the difference between B2B community marketing and B2C community marketing?
  • How to justify the investment into Community marketing?
  • Why is most of Evan’s role as a Community Marketer is spent working internally on his team
  • The similarities between a Community / Evangelism role and a PR agency (when it comes to media training)
  • How a Community role helps to reduce internal friction between marketing and sales
  • How Evan measures success with his unique role

And more!

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Past guests of The People of Digital Marketing include April Dunford, Amanda Goetz, Melissa Rosenthal, Bill Macaitis, Miruna Dragomir, Andrew Capland, Erik Newton, Andy Crestodina, Sarah Bedrick, Michael Wieder, Dan McGaw, Kathleen Booth, Foti Panagiotakopoulos, Tommy Walker, Lea Pica, Maya Grossman, Sara Pion, Margaret Kelsey, and more.

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