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There Are Moments When You Shouldn’t Engage

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At least 1% of your audience is comprised of people who don’t like your work

When you find yourself surrounded by people who only praise you, you have an inaccurate view of the world. There are also people in the world that will, for whatever reason, not like you. It’s okay for people to not enjoy your content. Some of them will take offense to any polarizing opinions you may have and will see you as a lesser version than your competition. This is okay.


These people aren’t your true fans, your true customers. You want to find and cultivate relationships with people who not only praise you but, also provide honest feedback. Don’t trust the naysayers and don’t trust those who hop on the bandwagon during the times of your success. Try to pull from both ends—take in what others are saying but, also keep things in perspective.


If you find it hard to have a completely objective opinion of who you are and the quality of your skills, seek regular feedback from a trusted (and small) group of knowledgeable peers. And if you find yourself having a visceral reaction to the public’s opinion of you and your work—don’t respond, don’t engage. These opinions tend to fade faster than you’d expect. Public opinion quickly shifts to the next shiny thing in a matter of minutes.


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