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Looking For Remote Work? Don’t Pay Money To Find The Opportunities

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Although remote work job boards make the search easier, you pay an unnecessary premium for a chance at the job

The best option is to reach out to a community. Whether it’s the one you’re already in or a new one that you discover in Facebook groups, Linkedin, or Reddit—there are benefits to asking for help. You don’t need to pay a platform or agency to help you find your opportunities. If you put in the hard work, the opportunities you find will be more relevant to your skillset and your chances of success will be higher.


Playing the numbers game right now is going to be a waste of time. Tailor every resume and application to what the business needs, which sometimes means reading between the lines.


There is a risk in hiring someone as a remote worker, especially if they don’t have a proven track record of working remotely. Companies that are new to remote work are focusing on transitioning their current employees and companies with established remote workers require incoming candidates to demonstrate how they will make this new transition into remote work easy, in their applications.


Consider the risks businesses are taking in hiring you and try to address them when you apply. If you put yourself in the business owner’s or hiring manager’s shoes you’ll see that what they are looking for is a candidate who has the right skills for the job and who is trustworthy.


Your job search will take time. Don’t rush the process and definitely don’t waste money trying to get other people to do the work for you. That money could be better spent starting your own website or even saved for even more tough times ahead.


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