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Here’s 1 Simple Hack To Improve Your E-commerce Store’s Facebook Ads

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Are you selling to people who don’t do their shopping on Facebook?

Even with the most entertaining and thought-provoking advertising, you might be wasting money targeting unqualified users. Let’s face it—some people just don’t trust social media advertising. There’s a reason why so many people download ad blockers on their web browsers and it’s because they don’t want to be interrupted.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to exclude Facebook users who have ad blockers installed, but there is a way to target a more qualified audience. Once your customer is aware of the problem and they know what your brand promises, then you have to determine whether or not that customer is someone who is going to buy on Facebook through some other channel.


One targeting parameter that should be used by all e-commerce businesses is the Engaged Shoppers targeting option under Behaviors.

Even if you have your customer’s buyer persona completed detailed, you want to make sure you’re selling with people who will actually go to your shop. Combining this tactic with general relationship and community management will help you increase your conversion rate.


As mentioned in the Boron Letters, “The more recently a person has purchased (by mail) something similar to what you are selling, the more receptive he will be to your offer.” Why sell to someone who isn’t a frequent shopper? The simple act of targeting people who actually use Facebook to help them shop will be the best thing you can do for your business.


Don’t focus on targeting everyone, focus on targeting one small group who is ready to spend their money.


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