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Don’t Forget To Rest

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When is the last time you took a day off?

When we become deeply obsessed with our work we can sometimes neglect our health. Working seven days a week can only be sustained for so long before the effort to get up in the morning becomes insurmountable. It is a necessity to schedule a time for rest, not only weekly but daily.


Type-A personalities have a lot of drive but, this drive can be optimized by creating deliberate space for rest and relaxation. What is the point of hard work if you cannot reward yourself with at least one day of rest?


Working on your hustle is the only way to be successful. Yet, the quality of your work will diminish over time if you don’t hit the reset button and give your mind time to just wander. The best art is made during times of extreme boredom.


You can do more work when your batteries are fully charged. Also, you will slow your team down every time you overwork.


Having big goals and working towards them is commendable but, it is quite sad to see a hardworking person slowly work themselves to an early grave because of an inability to chill. I’d rather reach all of my goals at the age of 70 and still be fit and sane, rather than to achieve them at 30 and then die from a stress-related illness at the age of 34.


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