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Discover The Complexities And Eliminate Them

All teams have routine processes that go unexamined at the cost of their time and their bottom line

How long does it take for a new project to get approved?


How long does it take for the project to start—where actual documentation gets created, tasks are assigned, and a clear timeline for deliverables is established?


Where are the steps in your team’s process that seem necessary—where there is clearly a legacy system set in place for “safety” and “contingency management?”


We often take longer to complete our assignments because there are unnecessary bottle-necks in our way. The complexities in our team’s processes are clear to see but, difficult to get rid of.


It takes longer to fix an inefficient process and to make it better than it is to make something simple.


It’s surprisingly easy to set up complex processes. Sometimes a complex process is used as an illusion to make a company seem more sophisticated. However, the teams that win are the ones who embrace simplicity in everything that they do. They empower everyone in the organization to make decisions, provide organizational design recommendations, and embrace rapid internal change.


It’s vital that if you’re working in a small team, that you predict and catch future complexities in any process you are involved in. Do it early, before your company grows.


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