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There Will Be A Cost To Begin & A Cost To Finish

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What will it cost you?

There is a price you’ll need to pay when you decide to chase your dreams. After defining your fears and realizing that life will continue even if you experience them, the next step to chasing your dreams requires you to understand the costs involved with pursuing them.


These costs are largely discovered in hindsight so one of the best ways to accurately gauge what chasing your dreams will cost you is by studying other people who have successfully crossed the chasm from thinking to doing. Many people have had the same dreams that you have and they have documented how they’ve both succeeded and failed at trying to achieve those dreams.


Even when there are new events in the world, there are always lessons to be learned by studying history. Surely as time goes on, the biggest cost to not trying to realize your dreams will be boredom and regret. Any costs necessary for realizing your dreams will be cheap in comparison to a life of misery.


If you don’t know what it takes to start and to continue, that’s okay—know that you can and will muster what it takes. And if you fail, just try again.


Failures are necessary breaks, they are not conclusions.


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