Who is Kenny Soto?

I up grew as a Dominican, Bronx native in the projects of Castle Hill. I spent most of my childhood pondering on what exactly I wanted to do with my life, how was I going to help people? I went from studying to become a doctor, to learning about music at the City College of New York, to now being a digital marketer. I currently study marketing in the hopes of using what I’m learning as a public servant in the future.

Where my passions lead me.

As a CCNY graduate (class of 2016), I am developing my skills in digital marketing (SEO, Social Media Marketing, Video Editing & Production, and Copywriting), website design/development on WordPress, and in public speaking. I am focusing on these skills as I progress throughout my career to eventually conduct social media marketing campaigns for political organizations located in New York and Washington D.C.

I am currently a part of a great team at ThomasNet’s Results Powered Marketing division, providing my digital marketing expertise to market original equipment manufacturers and industrial distributors to drive leads for their sales and revenue goals. Also, I am volunteering at SCORE NYC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping small business owners succeed in running their businesses and growing their teams. I contribute to this mission by giving presentations on SEO and Social Media Marketing in SCORE’s series of workshops as well as, providing pro bono marketing services to the organization, creating video content for social media commercials, and teaching new digital marketing interns.

If you want to learn more about me and see if there is a potential fit for us working together, email me at Skenny81893@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading this brief description of who I am.

Kenny Soto