An aspiring entrepreneur and scholar. I up grew as a regular Dominican Bronx native in the projects of Castle Hill. I spent most of my adolescence pondering on what exactly I wanted to do after highs school, usually with all my concentration stuck in my video games. During my experience as a high school student I started entering my passions as a musician and began to expand my library of books substantially. In 2011 I entered the City College of New York as a freshman student.

My school days.

During my first year I wasn’t really social, I kept to my studies and went straight home after class. During my second year of college I became a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Inc. and began to see the world and myself in a new light. In addition, I began to pursue student involvement opportunities in student government, starting off as a senator. Thanks to the opportunities given to me in both my fraternity and in student government I glad to say I am now President of the Undergraduate Student Government and Hegemon (Chapter Educator) of the Kappa Sigma chapter of TKE. Both positions have taught me valuable life lessons that I will never forget, most importantly: most things that are learned in college are learned outside of class.

Where my passions lead me.

With my passion in music and the leadership experience I gained I have begun to discover that what I want to pursue is a career in entrepreneurship. Until last year all I wanted to do is get good grades at school and hope to find some level employment, the regular college student dream. After studying extensively on the lives of entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson and Peter Thiel I have realized that what I truly with to do is use my knowledge and passion to help the music industry.  My plans for my last year of college is to gain as many insights as possible in my two current positions as a leader in my university and utilize those insights to create opportunities for independent artists and consumers to have a better experience utilizing the products the industry provides.

As of right now I have completed my tenure as a digital marketing intern at SCORE NYC, under the tutelage of Maurice Bretzfield. As I continue to learn about the challenges and valuable lessons of entrepreneurship, I intend to share them through my blog. My main mission is to somehow help college students leverage the internet to market themselves to future employers.

Thanks for reading this brief description of who I am.